Moment Messenger

Send scheduled and location based text messages, automatically!

It's About Time

And location


Set a message to go out at anytime you want. Now or later? Your Choice!


Create recurring messages like calendar events, it's that easy!

Location Based

Want to send a scheduled message at a spacific location, this is your moment.

Frog Snap

Made a typo? Sent to the wrong person? No worries, just retrive it.

Smart Text Messages

Well, almost!


More Than Just Reminders

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any special dates. We'll remind you in advance, so you can schedule the messages before you forget.

Time & Location

Set messages to go out automatically at anytime, anywhere!

Easy Repeating

Top-of-mind awareness. Always stay in touch, you wont forget whom you want to text.

On the Cloud

Phone is not around? Just send messages over the internet. COMING SOON

Get In Touch

Questions about the app? Request features for future updates?
Just shoot us a message.

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